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Classes and Workshop Topics

Qi (energy) Anatomy 101
Learn about the Energy Centers, Energy Reservoirs, Rivers, and Gates. We address the questions of: What are their location, characteristics and functions? How can the flow of energy be adjusted and optimized? Where do modern scientific discoveries intersect with ancient traditions of wisdom? Feel for Qi in your own body and experience how it effects your whole being.
Four Seasons Harmonize with Nature Qigong 101
Harmonize with the rhythms of nature. As the seasons change our bodies must adjust. Ancient wisdom understands that certain organ systems require extra support through each of these changes. This class and the movements therein are designed to bolster the organ systems' ability to smoothly function and transition between seasons.
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Five Animal Spirits Qigong
Tune into whole-body animal movements. We are the only species separated from our instinctual movements. Our day to day activity, or lack thereof, is shaped by conditions (chairs, computers, etc.) to which our bodies have not evolved. Crooked necks, cramped wrists, tense shoulders, static bellies and weak backs - these are just some of the effects. Unlearn the conditions of our removed-from-nature conditioning.  Let the spirit of the wild re-inform. Let's have some fun!
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Taijiquan 101: "TaiChi Chuan" Basics- Learning the Form and Theory Foundation
When most people hear of "Tai Chi" it is the basic short or long form that they think of. You might be familiar with images of folks gathered together in parks in the East, moving gracefully and slowly together - fluid and in harmony. You might even know that many scientifically proven benfits of the practice, which makes it one that even Western doctors recommend. Come and learn all you need to know to join many around the world who have taken their health into their own hands with this practice. Beginners welcome. Stay young.  Start NOW. No matter what age. It is never too early, and never too late.
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Qigong Circuit-Training:
Get ready to improve your body's capacity to hold, manage, access and utilize more energy. This practice class combines a Western approach for movement with Eastern strategies, philosophies and principles. The focus will be on strengthening the often neglected ligaments and tendons, along with improving muscular endurance and capacity. Enhance any exercise practice you are engaged in already. Gain self-knowledge and improvement, no matter what level of movement you are at now. Improve mind-body communication. Learn how to link an internal Gongfu practice with external manifestation of power. All practices can be modified to meet you at your starting point and will get you feeling stronger.
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Qigong Meditation 101: Embryonic Breathing
Embryonic Breathing Meditation is the root of all Qigong practice. Learn to hone and develop your relationship to your energetic centers. Awaken to your awareness, develop a good feeling for the body, and learn tools to help you face your monkey-mind. Engage and strengthen your "felt sense," or interospection. Access the state of the embryo, a time in your development when you were closest to nature. Improve hormone production, for optimal cell health and body harmonization. Learn breathing as a strategy.  Take control of your energetic wellspring. Find support in building the practice. Gain the theory behind effective Qigong. Build a habit that will work for you.
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